We look forward to working with you on your project. In order to streamline our editing and production process, we ask that you adhere to the following. Should some variance on these rules seem to you to make sense for your particular project, please discuss this with your editor before submitting final manuscript.


1. Submit your manuscript by email as either a .doc or .docx file.

2. Use a single, clear font, 12 point size. Preferably Palatino or Times Roman. Stay away from Arial. Format the ENTIRE document – even chapter titles – as “Text Body.”

3. Format the color of your characters as “automatic” rather than “black.”

4. Left justify.

5. Single space throughout.

6. Do not add extra spacing between paragraphs.

7. Use the paragraph first-line indent tool in paragraph formatting to indent the start of each paragraph at about 1/2 an inch. Do not use tabs to indent paragraphs.

8. Place an extra two returns where you want to indicate a break between sections of a chapter.

9. Insert a “Manual Break” at the end of each chapter.

10. Do not embed illustrations into your manuscript file. Send these as separate .jpg or .png image files. Provide a separate document with captions, and also indicating in which chapter the given illustration(s) should appear. Format captions in italics and 10.5 point type.

11. Use standard footnoting tools to insert any and all footnotes or endnotes.

12. Use italics and bolding as necessary within your text, but do not use such devices – or point size changes – to indicate paragraph titles.

13. No headers or footers, and no page numbers.

14. Include a Table of Contents indicating chapter titles, but (given #13) no page numbers.

15. Don’t worry about title or copyright pages or any other boilerplate.

16. Indent long quotes without using qutation marks. Use your software’s “increase indent” tool rather than any manual process, such as tabbing.

17. Spellcheck everything.

18. No HTML


Use The Chicago Manual of Style as your guide. However, authors in the British Isles or elsewhere throughout Europe please feel free to favor your local usage.


1) We are happy to have your suggestions as to cover art. However, please note that we have several in-house design formats which we prefer to use for a number of reasons, ranging from brand-building to ease-of-seeing in postage-stamp sized online marketing.

2) We are happy to have your suggestions as to promotional language for your book, however our publicity staff will have final “say” on this prose. This is based on our knowledge and experience of what works in terms of tone, style, and length.

3) We rely on our authors to be active advocates for their books both on- and offline, and in all other media possible. You are your book’s voice and face, and most effective sales person. You’ve written a great book (otherwise we wouldn’t be publishing it), and it is largely up to you to let the wider world know about it. We’ll do everything we can within our (small) budget ; but you, as the author, are uniquely positioned to do even more.